Child Development Associate (CDA)
Online Program

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  • 120 Hours of Training
  • Live Weekly Group Discussions
  • Application Guidance
  • Textbooks Included 
  • Portfolio Materials & Development Support
Pay-As-You-Go Course Price Total: $865
Pay $295 to start the course, receive course materials, and participate in orientation and the first Unit.
At the end of each unit, you can purchase the next one for $30.
You will be given up to 18 months to complete the course.
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Earn The most widely recognized early childhood credential

Read. Watch. Learn. Improve.

Quizzes, discussions, video lectures and portfolio development throughout 
Each weekly unit is designed to guide you through the topic with weekly discussions &  support
Learn how to design a classroom environment that is peaceful, inviting and keeps children learning
Boost your confidence, advance your career with the most widely recognized child care credential

Meet Your Instructor - Nikkeda Tyrone

Nikkeda is a registered trainer on the Texas Trainer Registry. Her career in early education began in 2007. She has supported professional development in roles as a teacher, director, and CLASS observer. Nikkeda has also served in the field as a mentor and coach successfully elevating the quality of programs to achieve accreditation for the National Accreditation Commission.